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90,000 Mile Service in Castro Valley, CA

Welcome to Adams Autoworx, the premier Castro Valley auto repair shop. We offer comprehensive automotive maintenance and repair services. 90,000-mile service is one the most important services since for many vehicles it involves timing belt replacement.

Actually, your vehicle is reaching its midlife – and manufacturers recommend extensive inspections, as well as replacement of many components. When you bring your vehicle in for a 90k miles service, we will perform inspections as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer for your particular make and model.

If your vehicle has a timing belt, and it had not been replaced at 60k service, now is the time to get it done – it’s getting old enough that there is a real possibility that your vehicle will suffer a broken timing belt, which in turn can cause serious engine damage. If your vehicle has a timing chain, replacement is not indicated unless the timing chain is stretched. Timing chains rarely break, but they can stretch over time, throwing off the timing of pistons and valves, which can also result in engine damage. So we will inspect the timing chain to make sure it’s at the correct tension. 

Naturally, we will also inspect other subsystems of the vehicle, including the brake system, belts, hoses, spark plugs (they often get replaced at the 90k service), suspension, shocks, or struts. We will look over the steering system, check tires for uneven wear, adjust tire pressure, perform tire rotation as well, and may recommend fluid replacements.

90000-mile service is a major undertaking, especially if the timing belt replacement is involved. Most professional shops recommend water pump replacement along with the timing belt replacement since most of the cost is in the labor – and we already have access to the area because of the timing belt replacement – so replacing the water pump at the same time saves you hundreds of dollars in labor costs.

At Adams Autoworx we provide superior customer service, and any repairs performed during the 90k service are backed by our nationwide 36 month / 36,000 miles warranty. So if your vehicle is approaching 90000 miles, give us a call. We can schedule an appointment time that’s convenient for you, and when your car is undergoing inspections and repairs, will keep you up to date, and will send you an electronic copy of the digital inspection results.

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