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30,000 Miles Service: Auto Maintenance in Castro Valley, CA

It’s easy to overlook the 30k maintenance service – yet it is the first major service since your vehicle was brand new. We highly recommend following manufacturer service scheduled, and in particular, the 30,000 mile service. Adams Autoworx provides premier Castro Valley auto repair services, including manufacturer scheduled maintenance.

By now, your car should have had a number of oil changes and tire rotations, but the 30k mile service is the first service that calls for an inspection of most of the subsystems on your vehicle.

Your vehicle’s subsystems will undergo inspection, and in most cases, replacement of fluids, spark plugs, and brake pads (depending on their condition). Here are some of the tests/inspections it will undergo:

  • Road test – handling, unusual or abnormal noises, acceleration, braking, steering
  • oil and filter change (we recommend synthetic oil for most cars)
  • tire inspection
  • tire pressure adjustment (if needed)
  • tire rotation    
  • visual inspection of the brakes, hoses, belts
  • measurement of the thickness of the brake pads
  • brake pad replacement (if indicated by the thickness test)
  • visual inspection for any fluid leaks
  • replacement of the engine air filter
  • replacement of the cabin air filter
  • brake fluid inspection and replacement (if recommended)
  • transmission fluid inspection and replacement (if recommended)
  • boots/ball joints/dust cover inspection
  • overall suspension inspection
  • spark plugs inspection and replacement (if recommended)
  • manufacturer recommended safety inspection

30K service is a thorough assessment of the overall condition of your vehicle. It’s designed to get the car back to the optimal shape, and at the same time to detect impending problems, so they can be addressed in a timely manner.

During the 30,000 mile service, we will also check for any safety recalls that may have been announced by your car’s manufacturer. If we find any, we will let you know so you can take your car to a dealer and get these repairs done for free. This is just another way that we live our “Quality, Value, Service” creed.

We are looking forward to your visit and to taking care of your vehicle. You can make an appointment online, on our website, or if you have questions, feel free to give us a call – we can address any concerns you have, and can make an appointment at the same time.

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