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Subaru Head Gasket Repair in Castro Valley

Welcome to the premier Subaru repair shop in the East Bay – Adams Autoworx. We provide a full range of Subaru services and repairs at our Castro Valley auto repair shop, including Subaru head gasket repair and replacement.

As much as we love Subaru vehicles, the head gasket problem is a black mark on Subaru’s otherwise fantastic reputation. While recently Subaru has made great strides, there are still plenty of vehicles on the roads that can suffer from the blown head gasket.  

If your Subaru does develop head gasket problems, you can count on our nationally ASE certified master technicians to provide professional Subaru inspections and repairs.

Subaru models best known for the head gasket problem:

Subaru Baja (2003 to 2006 models)

Subaru Forester (1999 to 2010 models)

Subaru Impreza (1999 to 2011 models)

Subaru Outback (2000 to 2009 models)

Subaru Legacy (2000 to 2009 models)

If your vehicle is not on this list, it does not make it immune, it just means that it is less likely that your Subaru will suffer from a blown head gasket. 

Symptoms of a head gasket problem:

These clues can signal a developing head gasket problem:

  • Oil leaks – that’s why regular maintenance is so crucial – depending on the oil leak location, it may alert your Subaru mechanic to the developing head gasket problem before it gets out of hand.
  • Smell of Sulphur from the coolant reservoir.
  • Overheating engine during a drive prolonged drive.
  • White exhaust coming out of the tailpipe – usually a sign of a blown head gasket. 

What is involved in Subaru head gasket replacement and repair

Step 1: Diagnosis – our nationally ASE certified master technicians will use state-of-the-art tools to diagnose your Subaru and to confirm that it indeed has a head gasket problem. 

Step 2: We remove the engine from the vehicle.

Step 3: Our technicians disassemble the engine and inspect it for damage to the internal engine parts. Depending on the inspection results, not just head gasket replacement, but also additional repairs may be needed. 

Step 4: We clean metal surfaces, and prepare them so the new head gasket can be installed and heads resealed. At this point we will be replacing worn out or damaged parts as well.

Step 5: Our technicians will reassemble the engine, reinstall it in the vehicle and reconnect it to the powertrain.

Step 6: Once reinstalled, we turn on and test the engine. 

Step 7: Final step is a test drive to make sure that the vehicle performs properly under real-world driving conditions. 

All Subaru repair work performed at Adams Autoworx is covered by 3 year / Unlimited-Mileage nationwide warranty, as well as: 

  • Free digital vehicle inspection with service
  • Military and First Responder discounts
  • Original Equipment Sourced/Supplier or better parts
  • Nationally ASE certified technicians working on your car
  • Free local Uber/Lyft rides

So if your Subaru is showing symptoms of a blown head gasket, or you have any concerns about your Subaru, call Adams Autoworx – we are happy to be of service. Making an appointment is easy – you can do so online, or simply call us at the shop. 

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