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Automotive Air Conditioning Recharge in Castro Valley

A/C Recharge | Adams AutoworxAdams Autoworx offers superior automotive air conditioning recharge service in Castro Valley. We offer wide range of air conditioning services, including a/c testing and a/c recharge. We employ nationally ASE certified technicians who have undergone extensive training and we equip them with the latest tools necessary to professionally diagnose and repair or service automotive air conditioning systems. 

As your vehicle ages, there is an increased probability that its air conditioning system will lose Freon and will need to be recharged. If your vehicle’s a/c system no longer satisfies your needs, it’s likely time to have your vehicle inspected for ac system leaks, and possible recharge.

We recommend system testing, because automotive a/c system should not be losing refrigerant. A professional a/c test will let you know if there is a leak, or there is some other reason why the ac is not blowing cold air. As an aside, Bay Area Air Quality Management District adopted a rule couple of decades ago that forbids recharging of an a/c system without first testing for leaks. 

This rule is one of the reasons why our technicians will start by testing your vehicle’s a/c system for leaks. We also don’t want Freon escaping into the atmosphere we breathe, and we don’t want you to have to come back for another recharge.

If no leaks are detected, and there are no other malfunctions of the air conditioning systems, we will recharge your vehicle’s ac and perform thorough testing to verify that it behaves appropriately under different settings. 

So when your vehicle’s a/c starts blowing warm air, bring it to Adams Autoworx. For your peace of mind, all repairs and services performed by Adams Autoworx are covered by 36 months / 36,000 miles warranty. Call us or setup an appointment online

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