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Electric Vehicles Fun Facts

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are here to stay. At Adams Autoworx we continue to expand our digital diagnostic capability and continue to train our technicians to be ready for the electric vehicles - however they may get their power.  Fact.MR, a market research company, found that sedans are the best fit for solar power vehicles. They are most aerodynamic, and lighter than pickup trucks or SUVs. For the time being, though, no major car manufacturers announced a solar powered car, but there are startups that are raising money and building prototypes.  According to Realtor.com, homes near public EV charging stations sell for more. US Dept. of Energy claims that there are over 46,000 EV charging stations in the US. Typical charging station, on average, had just over 2 charging outlets, so overall there are about 110,000 charging outlets. By comparison, US has roughly 110,000 gas stations with well over 500,000 gas pumps. When talking about EVs, can't forget Tesla - well, accord ... read more


Auto Repair News

Auto Maintenance and Repair in Castro Valley – The Times They Are A-Changin’

It wasn’t long ago that auto maintenance was a relatively simple task. Most guys would take machine shop at Castro Valley High, and were familiar with major subsystems of their cars. Tools were relatively inexpensive, and pretty much anybody could perform basic auto maintenance, like oil change, in their own garage. Things started changing in the 1980s, as car manufacturers introduced embedded computers to control various functions inside vehicles. The seminal event was the replacement of a carburetor with electronic fuel injection. For the first time, a critical function of an automobile was controlled by an embedded computer. Moving forward, more and more functions became computer controlled, resulting in modern cars becoming “computers-on-wheels”. Typical car sold today contains dozens of embedded computers, controlling fuel system, braking, air conditioning system, not to mention ADAS – advanced driver assistance systems – which are entirely computeri ... read more

Catalytic Converter Shield Installation in Castro Valley, CA

Unfortunately the catalytic converter theft wave continues unabated. We keep reading on Nextdoor about Castro Valley catalytic converter thefts. For the past two years Adams Autoworx has been offering catalytic converter shields for Castro Valley residents. Adams Autoworx technicians can install a shield that is designed to discourage thieves from attacking your car. The process is fairly straightforward – depending on the make and model of your vehicle, we can get a shield that is designed specifically for your car, or a “universal” shield that can fit most cars. Our technicians will install it and make sure it is fully secured, and your car will be ready to go – shield installation can be completed in less than a day. If you are concerned about catalytic converter theft, we highly recommend getting the catalytic converter shield installed – for your peace of mind, and to protect your vehicle. To get more information about catalytic converter shield ins ... read more

Car Battery Programming / Registration in Castro Valley

Changing a dead car battery used to be simple. As a matter of fact, if you could lift it, you could change it. Not so anymore.  As the vehicles get more and more computers, internal networks, and sophisticated energy management systems, changing a battery has become more and more complicated.  For example, many cars, including BMW and Audi vehicles, not only require a new battery, but also a professional digital tool to program / register the battery. This tool is required to alert the car that a new battery is in (and to provide the Battery Control Module (BCM) with the correct parameters for correctly charging the new battery).  As cars get smarter, more and more functions get computerized. So as the battery ages, the alternator (which recharges car battery), is adapting the charge it delivers to the fading capabilities of the battery. When you put a new battery in, without alerting the alternator to the change, you could end up killing the new battery by overchargi ... read more

Is It Time for Brake Pad Replacement?

Are your vehicle’s brakes due for brake pad replacement? Other than metal-to-metal grinding noise when braking (that’s a dead giveaway), how does one know it’s time for brake pad replacement? At Adams Autoworx in Castro Valley, we measure the thickness of the brake pads. Most manufacturers recommend brake pad replacement between 1 mm and 4 mm. But to measure the brake pad thickness we get the car up on a lift. What clues can you use at home to figure out if it’s time for brake pad replacement? Some of the newer vehicles are full of electronic sensors – they may turn on a dashboard light indicating it’s time for brake service.  Squeaking or squealing while braking usually indicates it’s time to visit your friendly mechanic.  Vibration when braking – this often indicates warped rotors, and typically this comes about along with worn out brake pads. If your vehicle exhibits any of the above symptoms, bring it t ... read more

Lexus Repair in Castro Valley

Your Lexus is a beautiful luxury vehicle, in fact these days “Lexus” is synonymous with “luxury”. However, even a car as well made as a Lexus may be in need of repair sometimes. Regular service will help to maintain your Lexus in peak condition and lessen chances of unexpected malfunctions.  Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure your Lexus is running smoothly: Follow factory recommended service schedule Regular oil changes are vital to your Lexus Keep tires inflated to manufacturer recommended pressure Ask your mechanic about brake fluid exchange and transmission fluid exchange The best piece of advice when it comes to Lexus repair is to take it to a trusted auto mechanic for routine maintenance and inspection. If you catch any potential problems early on, you will end up saving money in the long run. Then, you can enjoy driving your Lexus for many years to come!  At Adams Autoworx in Castro Valley we offer not only full range Lexus mainte ... read more

Hyundai wins JD Powers Mass Market Brand Technology Innovation Award

Hyundai wins JD Powers Mass Market Brand Technology Innovation Award

JD Powers announced that Hyundai ranks highest in the mass market segment for Technology Innovation. Hyundai has made great strides in quality and reliability. Originally introduced in the US as a low cost alternative to Honda Civic, it has consistently improved its quality and today it offers a full line of automobiles, from compacts, to sedans, to SUVs, including the all-electric Kona SUV.  Hyundai has now become the Technology Innovation leader among mass market vehicles, while receiving high scores for excellence in execution as well.  At Adams Autoworx we congratulate Hyundai and Hyundai owners. We will continue to offer full range of Hyundai services and repairs, and our technicians will continue to receive cutting-edge training and will use state-of-the-art digital equipment to diagnose and repair any Hyundai you put in our care.  All work performed at Adams Autoworx is backed by 36 month / 36,000 mile warranty. When you bring you bring your Hyundai to our Castr ... read more

Ford Bronco is Back!

Great news for the fans of Ford Bronco. Exactly quarter of a century after it was discontinued, Ford Bronco is back! Ford announced that it will produce a new Ford Bronco SUV – with seven trim levels, two choices of turbocharged EcoBoost engine, and both automatic and manual transmissions, as well as plenty of accessories.  It looks to be just as rugged as its predecessor, yet roomy enough to take entire family or friends for a ride in the wilds.  Rest assured that Adams Autoworx will provide full support for your new Ford Bronco. Regular servicing of your Bronco at Adams Autoworx satisfies Ford requirements to keep the warranty in force.  Details of the new vehicle can be found on the Ford website: https://www.ford.com/suvs/bronco/2021/

GMC Hummer EV May 20th Reveal Date Postponed

GMC Hummer EV May 20th Reveal Date Postponed

We are saddened to announce that GM will no longer reveal its long-awaited Hummer EV on May 20th.  Due to the coronavirus, GM decided to postpone the date – with no guidance as to when it may happen. GM is one of many car makers that postponed introductions of new models due to the coronavirus.  On the positive note, GM claims that the start of production and sales continue as scheduled, even though it is not quite specific as to the schedule. Most pundits guess in late 2021 or early 2022 is when we will be able to go out and buy the Hummer EV.  At Adams Autoworx we super are excited about the Electric Hummer, but in the meantime, we continue to service Hummers already on the road. So if your H2 or H3 needs a bit of tender, loving care, bring it to Adams Autoworx – we are happy to be of service. And as of May 2020, we offer free vehicle pick up and drop off in Castro Valley.   

Honda Reuses & Recycles Used Honda Hybrid Batteries

As you probably know, Honda produces plenty of Honda Hybrid vehicles. Naturally, as they age, high-voltage hybrid batteries need to be replaced – as a matter of fact, at Adams Autoworx we not only service Honda Hybrids, but we also do a fair share of Honda hybrid battery replacements.  Honda decided to find a way to recycle and reuse all those old hybrid batteries. In Europe, it expanded its partnership with SNAM - major European recycling specialists. Used hybrid batteries will be divided into two categories – those that can have a second life as electrical storage devices for homes and businesses, and those whose life is over – they will be recycled.  New recycling technologies allow for cost-efficient recovery of rare earth metals that are key components of hybrid batteries. Cobalt and Lithium can be extracted from the dead batteries, and used in the production of new hybrid batteries or as color pigments (you may have heard of “cobalt blue&rdquo ... read more

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