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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

When that infamous “check engine” light comes on – what should you do? 1. If it is “flashing on and off” get off the road and tow it in. STOP DRIVING!! If you don’t have AAA, call us at 510-886-9299 and we can help arrange a tow. And if you still don’t have AAA, get it. 2. If the “check engine” light is on, but not flashing, then the problem is not an emergency – but should be addressed so you don’t compound problems. Depending on the nature of the trouble code, ignoring the “check engine” light can lead to a damaged catalytic converter or other components – so bring your car to Adams Autoworx within a day or two of the “check engine” light being illuminated. Yes, you can get one of those $99 scanners on Amazon, or have “Uncle Bob” use his scanner, but with both options, they can only provide you the code and limited data ... read more

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