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Audi Transmission Fluid Change in Castro Valley, CA

Transmission fluid is among the essential fluids your Audi needs to run properly but it isn’t what most vehicle owners think about as often as oil changes. If your Audi has not had transmission fluid changed in quite a while, that could spell trouble down the line. This is because the transmission fluid is responsible for lubricating your Audi’s transmission system and keeping it cool. Overtime, it picks up grit and grime, and may begin to lose its effectiveness.

Signs your Audi needs a transmission fluid change service

To keep your transmission system in peak performance and in good condition for as long as possible, you need to have it flushed to remove the dirty fluid and add fresh, clean fluid. Typically this should be done every 30,000 - 40,000 miles for automatic transmissions ( your Owner's Manual will specify exact numbers for your particular model). Here are some warning symptoms that your transmission fluid may need to be changed:

  • Discoloration

It’s a good idea to check the transmission fluid from time to time ( or ask your mechanic to do so). Good transmission fluid should be clear or pink-tinted. If you discover black or deep red fluid, it indicates that the fluid is spent and needs to be flushed as soon as possible.

  • Grinding noises

By lubricating the transmission system, the fluid helps to keep things quiet whenever you’re behind the wheel. If the oil is dirty or low, you may hear weird noises. These usually sound like different parts grinding together when you shift.

  • Fluid leak

Check underneath your Audi. If you see any sign of puddles on the ground and it looks reddish, you’re probably dealing with a fluid leak. If you’re leaking transmission fluid, call for assistance. A professional mechanic will find and fix the leak before changing the transmission fluid.

  • Trouble shifting gears

Recently noticed that your Audi isn’t going any faster even when you’re trying to accelerate? It’s likely because your transmission is stuck in gear. Maybe shifts come too early or too late. Whatever the gear-related problems you’re experiencing, old transmission fluid could be the culprit.

  • Check engine or transmission light is on

The check engine light is designed to warn you about different things including the state of the transmission fluid. Dirty or low transmission fluid may also cause the Transmission Control Unit (TCU) to trigger the transmission warning light on your dashboard. Whatever the problem might be, have a trusted mechanic check it out as soon as possible.

The above are among the major signs to look out for any time you suspect your Audi’s transmission is acting up. When your Audi exhibits any of the symptoms listed above, it’s time to take it to Adams Autoworx in Castro Valley for diagnostics. Hopefully all it will need is transmission fluid flush.

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