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Castro Valley Catalytic Converter Theft

Castro Valley Catalytic Converter Theft 

You may have seen on TV that there has been an epidemic of catalytic converter thefts in Northern California. Apparently thieves use power saws to cut off the catalytic converters in the middle of the night. Police estimate that for some vehicles it only takes a few minutes to steal one. Thieves can get, on average $100-$250 for each stolen catalytic converter. In some cases, scrap value might be as high as $450. 

Targeted Vehicles

It appears that Prius Gen 2 is the primary target, because of the ease of removing the converter. Honda Element also appears on the list of likely targets. But any car can be a target. 

Tips on how to Avoid Catalytic Converter Theft

We recommend parking your car in the garage, not leaving it outside when it’s at the mercy of the elements and thieves. If you can’t, try to leave your vehicle near security cameras or in a well-lit or busy area. 

Next Steps if Your Catalytic Converter Is Stolen

If it does happen that your vehicle’s catalytic converter is stolen, call us and we will help you to decide the right course of action. Replacing catalytic converters is expensive. If your vehicle is old and barely functioning, you may wish to sell it or donate it and get a new one. 

If you decide to keep your vehicle, we can restore your vehicle to its pre-theft condition. Catalytic converter replacement is expensive, but we make it fairly straightforward. It all starts with a phone call and a visit to see what kind of damage (if any) has been done to your vehicle. We are happy to be of service – give us a call. 

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