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Honda Oil Change in Castro Valley, CA

Engine oil is vital to your Honda’s engine. Engine oil not only lubricates moving parts, but also removes impurities, metal shavings, and other gunk that gets generated as a by-product of the normal engine operation. Engine oil picks up these impurities and they get deposited on the oil filter. However, over time the filter gets clogged and loses its effectiveness. Engine oil also undergoes chemical changes due to high heat in the engine, and its lubricating properties get diminished.

That’s why at Adams Autoworx in Castro Valley we recommend regular oil changes, and we highly recommend fully synthetic (as opposed to synthetic blend) engine oil. If you plan on keeping your vehicle for the foreseeable future, regular oil change is the way to go.

Signs your Honda needs oil change

Most drivers rely on mileage as a way of telling when their Honda is due for oil change but other factors come into play as well. Here are some signs that it’s time for your Honda’s oil to be replaced.

  • Burning smell

A burning smell in your Honda is never good news. Usually, it indicates that there’s an oil leak and the oil level could be low. Any time you suspect an oil leak, it’s time to bring your vehicle to a local auto repair shop. If the leak is severe, it can cause catastrophic engine failure, which in turn will require engine replacement – a very expensive repair.  

  • Dark, dirty oil

Ideally, motor oil should be amber in color and slightly translucent. If it’s dark, dirty or milky, it’s an indicator that you’re overdue for an oil change. Oil becomes dark and dirty due to the buildup of residue particles in the engine. Dark and dirty oil accelerates engine wear – it’s time for an oil change.

  • Check engine light

If the check engine light or oil change light pops on, it could be a sign to get the oil changed. Dirty engine oil can indeed cause the check engine light to come on.  

At Adams Autoworx in Castro Valley we highly recommend that you do not wait for the above symptoms to manifest – get your vehicle on a regular diet of fresh engine oil. Typically we recommend oil change every 5,000 miles for fully synthetic oil, or every 3,000 miles if your vehicle uses conventional engine oil.

So next time your Honda is due for an oil change, call us at the shop – we will be happy to set up a convenient appointment for your Honda.


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