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Is it an Oil Leak? Transmission Fluid Leak? Brake Fluid Leak? Coolant Leak? Or just Harmless Water Condensation?

Seeing a telltale sign of something dripping on the garage floor or in the driveway is not a happy occasion. Fortunately, most of the time it's merely water condensation from your vehicle's air conditioning system.

So if the fluid you see is colorless, odorless and not oily, it may not be a problem. However, there are some brake fluids that are clear as well, so to be 100% sure, have your vehicle checked out at Adams Autoworx in Castro Valley and we can tell you with 100% accuracy the nature of the fluid – better safe than sorry.

What Else Could be Leaking?

Typical vehicle has a surprising number of fluids, here are some that might be dripping on the floor of your garage:

    Coolant leaks: Depending on the vehicle make, the engine coolant color will vary, but any of these colors can indicate engine coolant: green, orange, yellow, turquoise, pink, blue or purple

    Transmission fluid leaks will results in following colors on the floor or driveway: red (brand new fluid) and progressively darker shades of brown.

Brake fluid is typically yellow, blue, purple, red or green shade, or clear with a tinge of yellow or deep red.

Engine oil typically looks golden and becomes progressively darker with age and use.

While colors mentioned above can help you identify the nature of the fluid, unless you are 100% sure it’s only water condensation, we recommend taking your vehicle to a local auto repair shop to have the nature of the fluid identified by professionals.  At our Castro Valley auto repair facility we can identify the fluid, and if it turns out to be something other than a/c system condensation, we can find the cause of the leak and have it fixed, usually the same day. All repairs performed by our nationally ASE certified technicians carry 36 month / 36,000 mile nationwide warranty. Call us to make an appointment.


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