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Is It Time for Brake Pad Replacement?

Are your vehicle’s brakes due for brake pad replacement? Other than metal-to-metal grinding noise when braking (that’s a dead giveaway), how does one know it’s time for brake pad replacement?

At Adams Autoworx in Castro Valley, we measure the thickness of the brake pads. Most manufacturers recommend brake pad replacement between 1 mm and 4 mm. But to measure the brake pad thickness we get the car up on a lift. What clues can you use at home to figure out if it’s time for brake pad replacement?

Some of the newer vehicles are full of electronic sensors – they may turn on a dashboard light indicating it’s time for brake service. 

Squeaking or squealing while braking usually indicates it’s time to visit your friendly mechanic. 

Vibration when braking – this often indicates warped rotors, and typically this comes about along with worn out brake pads.

If your vehicle exhibits any of the above symptoms, bring it to Adams Autoworx in Castro Valley. Our highly experienced technicians will inspect the brakes and let you know exactly what needs to be done.  All work performed at Adams Autoworx is covered by our nationwide 36 months / 36,000 mile warranty.

With every service or repair we also offer free digital vehicle inspection. We share an electronic copy of the results with you, so you know exactly what’s going on with your car. 

So next time your vehicle needs brake pad replacement, or if you have any concerns about the brakes – bring your vehicle to our Castro Valley auto repair shop. Brakes are crucial to your safety – let professionals at Adams Autoworx diagnose and repair any brake problems your vehicle may be experiencing. Call us at the shop, or set up an appointment online. 


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