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Prius Head Gasket Replacement in Castro Valley, CA

Prius Head Gasket Replacement in Castro Valley, CA

Prius vehicles are justifiably known for their reliability and longevity. 300,000 miles is not uncommon for a well maintained Prius. However, as your Prius ages, it may have to face the specter of head gasket replacement, especially if it is Gen3 Prius


At Adams Autoworx in Castro Valley we provide full range of Prius services and repairs, including head gasket replacements. Naturally, since head gasket replacement is an expensive repair, we will first verify that the head gasket replacement is a necessity. Only after we determine that there is no other course of action, we will let you know the cost and will not proceed until you authorize the repair. In some cases, engine replacement might be a better option. 


Symptoms of head gasket failure: 

Check engine light comes on – any time your Prius has a misfire, the check engine light will come on – fortunately, a misfire can be due to factors other than a blown head gasket, so if the check engine light comes on, it does not necessarily mean head gasket replacement.

Rattling noise and shaking – as the head gasket fails, it will allow coolant to seep into a cylinder, causing misfires  for example 3 cylinders work fine, but 1 has misfires – this causes the rattling noise and shaking. It may go away after 10-20 seconds, then start again after the engine cools down a bit. 


Never ignore these symptoms – if it does turn out that your Prius has a blown head gasket, driving without repairs will result in further damage and likely necessitate engine replacement. 


At Adams Autoworx we have replaced many Prius head gaskets, and can diagnose your Prius to make sure that this repair is necessary. If it does turn out that your Prius needs a new head gasket, our nationally ASE certified technicians will get it fixed, and we back their work with a 3 year / 36,000 miles nationwide warranty. So if your Prius shakes and rattles, call Adams Autoworx in Castro Valley and we will make your vehicle healthy again.


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