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Subaru Wheel Alignment in Castro Valley, CA

Proper wheel alignment is important for comfortable ride, better vehicle stability and tire wear. At Adams Autoworx in Castro Valley we offer Subaru wheel alignment on our state-of-the-art computerized alignment machine. Wheel alignment is a recurring  issue – bumping into a curb or  driving over a pothole  (as you must have noticed, Bay Area roads are full of potholes), can throw the wheels out of alignment, which in turn will cause accelerated tire wear, and decrease comfort and vehicle control.

When the wheels are out of alignment, your Subaru will exhibit behaviors that can be considered “road signs” indicating that alignment check is in order:

  • Uneven tire wear

Our auto care facility in Castro Valley offers complimentary tire inspections – it we notice uneven tire wear, whether “scalloping”, excessive inner wear or excessive outer wear, we will let you know that wheel alignment is indicated.

  • Your Subaru pulls to one side

If you feel the vehicle pulling to one side, chances are the wheels are out of alignment. Unfortunately, this symptom can be cause by brake issues as well, so we recommend a visit to Adams Autoworx in Castro Valley to have our nationally certified technicians inspect your vehicle’s tires and the brake system to determine the root cause of the problem.

  • Steering wheel vibration when turning

If you experience steering wheel vibration when turning we recommend wheel alignment check.

Any of the above signs indicate that something is wrong – it is best to bring your vehicle to a professional mechanic to get it inspected, and to have the root cause of the issues identified. Our friendly service advisors will guide you through the process, while our highly skilled technicians will get your Subaru fixed and ready to head out on the road again. Call our Castro Valley auto care shop for appointment.

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