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Tesla Outproduces German EV Makers - Again!

Tesla Outproduces German EV Makers - Again!

Tesla is an the unquestioned leader in the electric vehicle market. German auto makers have been promising to outproduce Tesla in the EV arena – for many years now. Volkswagen in particular has been promising to wrestle EV leadership away from Tesla. Well... once again Tesla comes out on top.

So far this year, Tesla produced 890,000 electric vehicles, according to Bloomberg News. That’s more than the combined EV production of BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Porsche. German manufacturers are struggling with software problems that delay introduction of new models. This is not surprising – modern vehicles, and especially EVs, are “software on wheels”, while traditional auto makers have very limited software design and production experience.

Tesla, on the other hand, greatly benefits from Elon Musk’s experience – he started out as a programmer. And he runs Tesla like a software company – frequent problem fixes, frequent upgrades, rapid design changes – even though each may be small in scope, they rapidly add up to major improvements of the product – the Tesla vehicle, as well as major improvements of the manufacturing process. With Tesla Gigafctories in Texas and Europe reaching full production capacity, Tesla’s lead over the German automakers is likely to expand.

So even though Volkswagen is promising a $30,000 EV vehicle, so far these are only promises, and the latest delivery date is two years into the future (assuming no new software or design problems). Tesla vehicles, on the other hand, are available today, and with repeated price cuts, have become much more affordable. At Adams Autoworx we are ready to service your Tesla, including new Tesla tires (either Bridgestone or Michelin, depending on the Tesla model), brake fluid replacement, wheel alignment, brake pads replacement as well as brake pads cleaning. So if your Tesla needs service, make an appointment online, on our website, or call us at the shop to make an appointment.

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