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What Types Of Car Maintenance Does Your Car Need?

What Types Of Car Maintenance Does Your Car Need? 

Cars are susceptible to wear and tear, leading to performance decline over time. This is why it is important to give your car regular preventive maintenance to maximize its life and performance. Preventive maintenance doesn't just keep your car in good condition , but it also saves you money by forestalling extensive damage to important car components. At the Adams Autoworx auto care shop in Castro Valley, we suggest that following maintenance tasks should be performed regularly for optimal performance:

1. Oil changes 

Gasoline and diesel powered cars require regular oil changes so their engines can function properly. The engine needs oil so all its components can move freely, but the oil must be clean and free of debris, hence the need for oil changes. Generally, it is recommended to change your car's oil every 5,000 miles or every six months, if you are using synthetic motor oil – which we highly recommend. 

2. Tire rotation

Tire rotations help reduce the number of times you purchase new tires by extending the life of the tires. When you drive, the weight of your car distributes on the tires, leaving unique wear patterns. Tire rotation helps to spread the wear across the four tires evenly. Most car manufacturers recommend having your tires rotated every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. At Adams Autoworx in Castro Valley we suggest rotating tires with every oil change – it save an extra trip to the shop, and it’s easy to remember. 

3. Brake pads replacement 

Brakes are vital to your car's operation and safety, that’s why we recommend regular brake inspections.. The most common problem with the brake system is worn brake pads. You can tell your car is due for a brake inspection and brake pad replacement if you hear a screeching noise when you apply brakes. Some vehicles will illuminate a warning light on the dashboard. 

4. Tune-up

A tune-up used to be a major service. Fortunately, modern cars are self-tuning – the combination of embedded computers and sensors allows most cars to adjust parameters in real time, based on the information computer receives from the sensors. Still, in the case of failing spark plugs, sensor issues, your car will need a tune up. Most of the time, the on-board computer will illuminate the check engine light to alert you that a tune-up is needed.  If your vehicle’s computer turns on the check engine light, bring it to our Castro Valley auto care facility, and our nationally ASE certified technicians will diagnose and resolve any problems your vehicle may exhibit. 

5. Changing transmission fluid 

Transmission fluid performs a function similar to engine oil in that it keeps all the moving parts in your transmission properly lubricated. Unchanged fluid can cause damage to your transmission, which is one of the most expensive things to repair or replace in a vehicle. Generally, transmission fluid change is recommended every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Your car's owner's manual provides the information for when to change the transmission fluid.

6. Brake fluid change 

Brake fluid attracts moisture from the air, and over time it’s water content can increase to the point that it impacts braking distance. In extreme cases, it can even cause brake failure. To prevent such events, we recommend brake fluid change every 2 years or 20,000 miles. 

Regular maintenance can save you from taking frequent trips to an auto repair shop for repairs. We recommend following manufacture recommended maintenance schedule, as well as regular oil changes. And if at any point in time your vehicle exhibits behavior that you find unsettling, call Adams Autoworx in Castro Valley and we will schedule an appointment for your vehicle. 

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